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Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain Bike Shoes are great for efficient mountain biking pedaling and protecting. Mountain bike shoes are offer have a stiff sole of bike shoes but include more tread for walking on trails and protection against the harsh environment of mountain bike trails including dirt, rocks, tree branches an water. Some of these shoes include Velcro closure and more water resistance than others. Some of these shows use clipless pedals while others have knock out panels in the shoe for adding clips.

Prices for mountain bike shoes are generally start at $79 on average with more shoe features as you go up in price. Below are two sections. One for Men's Mountain Bike Shoes and another for Women's Mountain Bike Shoes.

Men's Bike Shoes        
Bicycle Shoes are great for rail trails when you need to know how far is the next B&B, campground or water stop. While many bike come with small cable ties we recommend buying additional mini cable ties to keep those wires from getting snagged up. They are linked on the bottom of the page.
Women's Mountain Bike Shoes    
Women's Mountain Bike Shoes  

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