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Planning A Bike Trip?

Planning A Biking Trip

While this guide is best used for touring rides on rail trails, it has many useful hints for moutain biking adventures, cross country touring and other biking excursions.

Check Back Here Soon For Many Useful Hints and Tips on Rail Trail Cycling.



Bike Computer
Bike Gloves

Optional Items
Bike Lights (Short Hops)
Bike Lights (Serious Night Riding)
Bike Tail Lights



First thing about taking a bike trip is knowing how far you have gone, how fast you are going and most importantly how more peddaling you have to do! While there are many great bike computers out there, here's my recommendation

Planet Bike's Bike Computer

The Planet Bike Protege 9.0 Cycle Computer is my touring bike computer. It has almost detail in view on one screen so there's little button pushing. One button push will show your average speed and total bike mileage. At under $30.00, it's a bargain.


Cygo-Lite Nite Rover NiMH XTRA Rechargeable Bike



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